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Print Care


             There are important actions you can take to preserve the quality of your artwork

  • Sunlight -- Prints should never be placed in direct sunlight. Even the color-fast inks we use to publish our prints will fade slightly when exposed to sunlight.
  • Unframed Prints -- Unless otherwise requested we always ship our prints flat and urge that they stay this way. A rolled print is often difficult to get flat again. If you plan on storing your print unframed, please ensure that it is kept flat in a dry environment, packaged in acid-free material.
  • Cleaning -- If your print is framed properly with a dust cover on the back, the print itself should never need to be cleaned. To clean the glass use a light mist and never allow any fluid to leak between the glass and the frame.

Remember, a print only retains its value if it remains in good condition. By using a little care and good sense your print will retain its value and high quality appearance.